About Me...

by Simon

I have been a designer in the fashion industry for many years and have recently launched this exciting new collection of artworks for the home. I wanted to bring an element of fashion to your walls.

SPDESIGN was launched in 2009 doing freelance design projects in the fashion industry and also designing the greeting cards for Portfolio Cards London. I have now expanded this cool collection of artworks, which have been selling through boutique home shops, such as Room of Lytham.

Each piece of artwork in the 'Laced' collection is individually embellished with diamante, one stone at a time and with some of the artworks having over 1,000 diamante this is all done by myself with much love, patience and a glass of wine.

The 'Citography' collection so far features the iconic skylines of London and New York by day or night. Each one is made up of famous landmarks from each city.

The 'Tattoo For You' collection is a cool customised print range inspired by vintage tattoo's, individually embellished with jet and clear diamante and printed on heavy textured paper to add to the vintage feel.

Whether it is a bit of glamour for your wall or a reminder of your favourite city, I hope you enjoy these artworks!

Thank you for looking at my page. If you have any requests or ideas for a bespoke artwork please do not hesitate to ask! Simon.

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